Chuck Walder
for Geauga County Auditor

Republican Candidate

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My Platform

Serve The Community

While I am new to public service having served as Russell Township Fiscal Officer for only 5 years, I bring a common sense, "get it done" attitude and energy to the County Auditor's office.  I invite you to ask the residents of Russell Township if they believe that I have given them their moneys worth with my service.  I held regular weekly office hours at the township and welcomed questions, comments, and opinions from residents.

Do What Makes Sense

My campaign is currently self-funded, so I am beholden only to the taxpayers of Geauga County.  I will apply conservative fiscal practices to the Auditor's office.  I work for you the taxpayers of Geauga County.

Become Part of The Solution

I ask for your support and vote.  In return, I will take responsibility for the Auditor's office and the actions of it's staff.  I will continue participating in the OhioCheckbook initiative to offer transparency, improve the County Information Technology department, improve the office work environment internally and externally, and put additional checks and balances into the office's procedures to earn back your confidence in the Geauga County Auditor's office.